Title: Renegades

Series: Archenemies (Duology)

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Author: Marissa Meyer

Published: 7 November 2017

Followed by: Archenemies


My Rating: 3.5/5



Nova, niece of the leader of the Anarchists, blames the Renegades for the loss of her family and joins them as a double agent with one motive: to take them down. What she does not expect is to meet Adrian, a Renegade who passionately believes in justice.


Ok so here is the deal with this book… the plot is very good and the characters are very well developed. I didn’t especially love Nova but there is potential there, she is resourceful, confident, and intelligent, and these are all things I like main characters to have. However, the charachters were a bit cliché and not very complex. There were a couple plot twists here and there but you could see them coming, so there wasn’t really a surprise factor. Also, the book was unnecessarily long and could be shortened by 20-30%. Ok 40%. But despite it’s length it’s a fast and easy read.

“Your days of villainy are over, Nightmare.”


Now, lets move onto the things I enjoyed:

Superpowers. The heroes might be a bit cliché but their superpowers definitely aren’t. I won’t tell you more about this though, you will have to read the book to find out!

Antihero. Give me an antihero with a good tragic backstory and I am sold! There is also a good exploration of good vs evil in this book, showing very clearly how stories are never one sided.

Diversity. There’s a hero with a disability who needs a cane to walk, Nova is Filipina/Italian, other characters are described as having brown skin, and Adrian is the adopted child of a gay couple who also happen to be the leaders of the Renegades.

The love story! The romance is actually one of the least important parts in the story but the way Meyer describes how their feelings slowly evolve you can’t help but root for the characters. And who I’m I kidding, I love forbidden/complicated love stories.



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