Title: Corrupt

Series: Devil’s Night

Author: Penelope Douglas

Genre: Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Dark, New Adult

Published: November, 2015

Followed by: Hideaway


DISCLAIMER: I rate Erotic Romance differently from other genres, especially where triggering elements are concerned.


My Rating 5/5



Rika always had the perfect life, but when her father died and her mother fell under depression, she started spending her days with another family, the Crists, who she has known her whole life. Both families have always expected Rika and Trevor to end up together, but Rika can’t help but think about their older son, Michael.

“He was everything. My entire life, I only felt completely alive when he was close, and while I knew nothing would ever be easy with him, I also knew nothing would ever be good without him, either.”

Michael has anger issues and three friends who are just as messed up as he is: Will, Kay and Damon. Once per year they forget all the rules and paint the town red, this night is called Devil’s night. Rika, who wants to live her own life instead of having everyone control her, joins them. But what exactly happened?

“Three years ago, curious little Erika Fane wanted to play with the boys, so we indulged her, and she betrayed us. There was no way we’d forget.”


My Opinion

I have barely discovered the world of Erotic Romance and this book has set the bar high for me. I will tell you this: It’s a dark romance with a lot of triggers… bullying, rape, harassment, etc … sound all the alarms! But I like my romances dark and twisted.

This book worked for me on a lot of levels: The plot is very good and it kept me completely hooked from beginning to end. I read it in two days and if I didn’t have things to do I would’ve inhaled it in one. The sex is GOOD. LIKE REALLY GOOD.

But I think what surprised me the most about the story where the characters and their group dynamic at a sociological level. We have four friends: Michael, who does what he wants when he wants, consequences be damned. He is the group leader and has major anger issues. Kai, who has a dark side but seems to be able to keep it under control more than the others and “allows” Michael to take charge. Will is basically the follower and has fun wreaking havoc with the other guys but nothing is ever his initiative. And finally we have Damon. Damon is all kinds of fucked up and twisted. He is the scary guy you are afraid of and want nothing to do with him. Kai and Michael have to keep him in check to make sure he doesn’t cross any lines.

Each of the friends has a role to play in the group. They have a common goal, established status relationships, norms and values specific to their group’s wants and needs… and they like each other even if sometimes they’re all afraid of each other’s darker side. Then comes Rika who is actually very much like them but threatens to break their dynamic.

I would say this book is a mystery, so if you like suspense and hot sex then this book is definitely for you!

Character development 5/5

Plot 5/5

Sex 5/5

Ending 5/5



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