Bad Saint

Title: Bad Saint

Series: All The Pretty Things #1

Author: Monica James

Genre: Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Dark, New Adult

Published: 06 May, 2019

Followed by: Fallen Saint


DISCLAIMER: I rate Erotic Romance differently from other genres, especially where triggering elements are concerned.


My Rating 4/5


My Opinion


So the gist of the story is that Willow gets kidnapped on the first day of her honeymoon, but one of her kidnappers is more than just a brute with no morals and they both start falling for each other.

As you may have guessed already, I am a big fan of Dark Romance and the series that popped my Dark Romance cherry was Devil’s Night by Penelope Douglass. I know find it hard to find books that will catch my attention the way P. Douglass’ series did but I am happy to say Bad Saint did it! I didn’t even have to read the full synopsis, once I saw the word “kidnapped” I knew it was for me!

I really like Willow’s personality. She never once stops trying to escape from her kidnappers and she’s pretty courageous. I don’t agree with all her choices but no one can say the girl didn’t try.

Willow starts falling for one of her captors (in my opinion a little too quickly) and he starts developing feelings for her as well. He keeps trying to break her but Willow has had a tough past and refuses to be a victim again, and pretty soon he finds himself falling for her as well. I guess you could say it’s insta-love — or a romanticized Stockholm syndrome —  which I’m normally not a fan of at all but HELLO, that’s the whole point of this book and sexy fantasy so I’ll let it slide a bit.

Saint is DREAMY. Be prepared to have your panties ruined. Tall and with tattoos (yuummm) Saint is a tortured soul who wants to be good but has to be bad. Now that is a toxic sexual relationship I’m down for!

I was also very surprised by all the things that happen in the story and there are some jaw dropping moments! And most importantly all the sexiness!


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