Fallen Saint

Title: Fallen Saint

Series: All The Pretty Things 2

Author: Monica James

Genre: Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Dark, New Adult

Published: July 13, 2019

Followed by: Forever My Saint


DISCLAIMER: I rate Erotic Romance differently from other genres, especially where triggering elements are concerned.


My Rating 4/5



Willow is once again a prisoner but this time she is under direct supervision ok Aleksei Popov, the man who ordered her kidnapping. With only Saint as her savior, she now lived under Aleksei’s roof and must learn the new rules and adapt if she wants to survive. But Willow is a natural fighter and her disobedience only seems to intrigue her captor.


My opinion

HOLY HOTNESS. Fallen Saint is just as dark as Bad Saint and even SEXIER. I liked it a lot more that the first book!

Having new characters makes the story a lot more interesting. Aleksei starting to fall for Willow is an unexpected plus, towards the end you can’t help but like the guy. I am honestly very intrigued about him and I only hope he doesn’t simply become a good guy in the third book. I like my villains dark and complex (and sexy!!!).

Saint is as yummy as ever. I loved him in Bad Saint but I am obsessed with him in Fallen Saint. He is extremely loyal and I am very glad to know he would choose Willow over anyone else. And that cliffhanger! The story is taking a whole different direction and I am so curious to see where this goes!

Also, and I know people won’t agree with me but I need to ask, I’m I the only one kind of hoping Willow and Aleksei will sleep together? Aaahhh just saying!


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